Jul 15 2008

Go See A Folk Show.

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The other night I had the brilliant chance to catch a folk show at a good friend’s apartment. Seated cross-legged on the floor I was witness to a spectacle that shone with a respect to new art as well as a time honored tradition.

I met Vikesh Kapoor through a friend and am truly proud to bring his music to IndieMuse. He and his good friend Nicholas Beaven are ridiculously talented musicians and songwriters as well as honest members of the folk institution [sic].

From their press release:

Kapoor’s lyrics draw from the poetry of Whitman and from the melodic intonations of Woody Guthrie. He is a true wordsmith. Kapoor creates story-songs that while new, seem to have originated from archetypal American tales. And, like any classic tale revisited, his quirks (his vocal vulnerabilities and off–beat humor) cement his appeal.

MP3: Vikesh Kapoor – “Down By The River”

Beaven too can turn a skeptic into a true believer with his clear, almost haunting voice and fanciful guitar melodies. He sings of heartache and jubilation with constant references to nature, which is a prevalent motif throughout his work. Beaven’s lyrics are simple in format (in the style of Neil Young), but he has a knack for saying a lot by not being bogged down by complexities.

MP3: Nicholas Beaven – “Midnight Moon”

I was delighted to find that these guys would be going on a small tour through the northeast. If you guys have a chance and are willing to take our word, go see them. You won’t regret it.

I should be getting their EP’s in the mail soon and will have a review fer y’all soon.

Vikesh Kapoor | Nicholas Beaven


Jul 14 2008 6:00P
RADIO BEAN Burlington, Vermont
Jul 15 2008 9:00P
SLAINTE Portland, Maine
Jul 16 2008 4:30P
Jul 17 2008 7:30P
CAFFE LENA Saratoga Springs, New York
Jul 18 2008 10:00P
THE COLONY CAFE Woodstock, New York
Jul 19 2008 7:00P
HOUSE HOOTENANNY Darien, Connecticut
Jul 20 2008 8:00P
THE JALOPY THEATRE Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
Jul 20 2008 10:00P
HOUSE SHOW (2nd SHOW) Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York
Jul 21 2008 8:00P
MONTAGUE BOOKMILL Montague, Massachusetts
Jul 22 2008 8:30P
PA’s LOUNGE Somerville, MA

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  1. boyhowdyon 16 Jul 2008 at 12:54 am

    Folk rocks.

    The Montague Bookmill, incidentally, is a crazy place to see a show — a venue built over a waterfall in the freaking middle of a tiny, tiny one store town in absolute rural nowhere; intimate and literary, surrounded by the books. Their motto: “Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find”. See shows there, if you can.

  2. Mikeyon 23 Jul 2008 at 8:09 am

    Hey man, hope you don’t mind but i’ve been nipping back and forth to read your blog for a while now…good stuff, no too ‘rammed down your throat’ like alot of new music tips! you checked out Come On Gang! yet?

    All the best,


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