Dec 05 2008

Ben Kweller – Hurtin’ You

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Ben Kweller was one of the first musicians that got me into the indie music scene. I listened to Sha Sha on my Sony Walkman over and over again (I actually have Sha Sha in my car stereo right now). The first concert I saw in NYC was Death Cab for Cutie with BK opening. His collaboration with Ben Folds and Ben Lee blew my high school mind as Ben Folds was God to me. Kweller’s music has always held a special place in my iTunes library. Sometimes I forget about him, but when I stumble across him again it’s like reuniting with an old friend.

His new album reuinites Kweller with his Texas roots with a country/western influenced album called Changing Horses as you will hear on this new track “Hurtin’ You”. On Ben Kweller (his last album) he played all of the instruemnts, but this time he has gotten a band together including Kitt Kitterman on pedal steel guitar (which really adds a lot to this song). I’m pretty interested in seeing how the rest of the album will sound and where Kweller will be heading towards in the future. I have a feeling it will be a pretty mature album from a guy who’s only 27.

MP3: Ben Kweller – Hurtin’ You


MP3: Ben Kweller – Sundress

MP3: Ben Kweller – Commerce, TX

MP3: The Bens – Stop!

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  1. Alieon 06 Dec 2008 at 2:03 pm

    “Sometimes I forget about him, but when I stumble across him again it’s like reuniting with an old friend.”

    That is exactly how I feel about the Kwellerman.

    I can’t say that I was anywhere near as in love with his latest album as I was with the first two, but he’s still an absolute muppet whose music gives me the warm fuzzies / the giddies.

    I don’t remember exactly where I first heard him, but I was about fourteen and I just completely loved it. I think he was one of my first introductions into the indie scene as well. I remember I sent a song of his to a friend and the friend brushed him off and said Ben sounded like a twelve year old kid.

    And I’m listening to Hurtin’ You right now and I’m really liking it a lot and Ben still sounds like he’s twelve years old but I think that’s part of his appeal. He’s like one of those kids who is way too mature–but in a nice way. In an Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close way.

    One of my favourite covers is his version of the Lemonhead’s “My Drug Buddy.” And also that live cover he did of “The Sweater Song.” I still smile at the kazoo solo at the end.

    Anyway. Sorry this was so long. But Ben Kweller has and I think will always have a very familiar place in my heart and ears.

    Thanks for the song and for the reminder to revisit an old friend.

  2. graceon 16 Dec 2008 at 4:12 pm

    I love.

  3. Nicoleon 21 Dec 2008 at 6:10 am

    I agree with forgetting him, and then rediscovering him…
    I saw an interview with Ben Kweller on an Australian TV show. I had heard ‘Wasted and Ready’ before, but wasn’t sure where it was from and who sung it. I hadn’t heard of Ben Kweller before this interview, but I totally fell in love with him after it.
    After getting to hear a few of Ben’s songs (this is early 2007), I noticed The Bens.
    I knew who Ben Lee was – I own a few albums and had loved him for a few years. Ben Folds was also on rotation – The Luckiest is possibly one of the best songs ever. These three together was like some kind of surreal dream…
    And the music matched.

    I had heard about Ben getting more country – at first, when I heard ‘Hurtin You’, I thought it sounded like something my nana would listen to. But it grows on you – and Ben’s unique voice totally sets the whole song off. And the lyrics – the rare meaningful lyrics … ahhh I love that man ;]

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