Jul 20 2006

The Mission

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if you are on this website, than you should rather easily be able to figure out what indiemuse.com is all about–it’s about music, yes. but at the same time, we feel like it is more than just about the music; anyone and everyone who is on this site is not your typical music listener. in our opinion, people who go out of their way to discover good music rather than wait for it to come to them (which it rarely does), value music on a whole new level. anyone can turn on the radio and very effortlessly know every top 40 song out there. but you guys don’t settle for that. and that’s what we want this site to be about. a place where people who are as passionate about music as we are, can come together to listen and talk about music. we are going to have mostly newer bands on the site, some of which you most likely won’t know, while others hopefully you will know– there’s nothing like being reminded of a song that you used to really enjoy, but somehow forgot about.

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