Jul 25 2006

Zach Braff’s New Soundtrack

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Zach Braff is a smart guy. He knows not to attempt to repair something that isn’t broken, and it will pay off when “The Last Kiss” soundtrack is released. The Garden State soundtrack, as you most likely know, is a great compilation of songs and rightfully so, won a Grammy for best movie, television, or other media soundtrack in 2005. With that success, Braff had two different paths that he could have taken when deciding on what music to put in “The Last Kiss”. He could have experimented a lot, and gone even more independent, covering musicians that even most indie listeners haven’t heard of, OR he could have gone the safer route and try to model the new album exactly on the Garden State album, with no twists or turns involved. And why shouldn’t he? People love the Garden State soundtrack, and with the praise that the album got, I think that it made perfect sense to use some of the same bands in the new soundtrack. There wasn’t one song on the new soundtrack that I haven’t heard, and I was pretty quickly able to drag all the songs into my own itunes playlist, in some sense having a pre-release. There really were no curveballs what-so-ever on the album, as Braff has been talking about most of these bands for quite some time now on his blog (now Zachbraff.com). Here is “The Last Kiss” sountrack listing:

1. Chocolate – Snow Patrol

2. Star Mile – Joshua Radin

3. Pain Killer – Turin Brakes

4. Warning Sign – Coldplay

5. Ride – Cary Brothers

6. El Salvador – Athlete

7. Hide And Seek – Imogen Heap

8. Reason Why – Rachael Yamagata

9. Hold You In My Arms – Ray LaMontagne

10. Prophecy – Remy Zero

11. Paper Bag – Fiona Apple

12. Todays The Day – Aimee Mann

13. Arms of a Woman – Amos Lee

14. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Reprise) – Rufus Wainwright

15. Paperweight – Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk

These are the three tracks I look most forward to hearing in the movie:

Joshua Radin – Star Mile

Turin Brakes – Pain Killer

Fiona Apple – Paper Bag (Braff wanted this song for Garden State, but Fiona’s manager wouldn’t let Zach use it because he didn’t offer enough money for it…remember Garden State is a lower budget Indie Film… Turns out they would have made lots of money if they just let him use it.)

This track is the only unreleased song on the soundtrack
Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk – Paperweight

I would have posted two more songs that I love, Coldplay’s Warning sign, and Rufus Wainwright’s Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, but I don’t think that it is right to put more than 4 songs up and you most likely already have them. This is a great soundtrack, and I’m sure I’ll end up buying it, even though I have all the songs. If you like the songs above, it is only a taste of what’s on the soundtrack. So I guess what I am trying to say is, BUY THE SOUNDTRACK! And if you liked Garden State, from what I’ve heard, you’ll like The Last Kiss.

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