Aug 19 2006

Derby- This is the New You

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Last year I discovered the Portland band Derby, and have enjoyed listening to their catchy melodies ever since. They are one of those kind of bands that are just really fun to listen to. Since I live in Chicago, I’ve unfortunately never had a chance to see Derby in concert, but listening to their album, This is the New You, I can tell that this band really enjoys making music. I’m also impressed that the band produced its own album. Making good music is challenging enough, but producing is a big job in itself. If you like The Shins, than you will probably like Derby.
Derby is Nat Johnson (lead vocals, guitar, bass), Dave Gulick (vocals, rhodes, organ, guitar), Isaac Frost (drum/percussions), and Wayne Miller (bass). Nat and Dave started playing together as dorm mates at University of Oregon. Isaac joined the band after graduating from Oregon State University, and soon after that, Wayne joined.

Fun facts:

Gulick came up with the name Derby, while watching an English Premier Soccer game between Manchester United and Manchester City. The announcer called the game a derby (cross town rivalry).

The band has a tour van named “The Green Submarine.” In Johnson’s words “It’s green, it’s huge, it smells like wet dog, and we love it. It could use some gold dubs, but we’ll deal as long as we can still get the ipods to work through the tape deck.”

This is the New You:

Derby – Parade

Derby – Qualities

Derby – Proving

Visit Derby’s Myspace to listen to more music, and to find where to buy the album.

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  1. Michelleon 16 May 2007 at 9:47 pm

    I came across this band last fall and I absolutely love them! I’m from Oregon, so it makes them that much better! I’m trying to tell as many people about them, but sadly you can’t find their c.d. anywhere except online.

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