Sep 30 2006

WOXY is Revived!

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After online radio station Woxy pulled the plug on Sep 15, I’ve been going back onto daily to see if by any chance there would be good news. And today there was! Woxy has been revived, and will soon be back up on air. Now the only question is if a paid membership will be needed for high-quality radio. Awesome.

Update: Out of excitement, I posted as quickly as possible, without researching the specifics. So here’s the scoop. Bill Nguyen, a 35 year old entreupeneur from Silicon Valley just discovered the station and wants to help get Woxy back on air.

Nguyen’s plan involves investing $5 million to $10 million in over the next 12 months to:
Maintain its Cincinnati headquarters and give its DJs full editorial control.

***Bring back its free online broadcast and improve its quality***

Open studios in San Francisco and other cities to broadcast live performances from bands.

Allow listeners to purchase music directly from independent artists they hear on through (Nguyen’s used CD trading website)

Allow listeners to create their own radio shows that they can share with other listeners.

Make more portable.

Again, Awesome.

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  1. TNon 30 Sep 2006 at 9:36 pm

    Likely will still charge because they actually have to make money somehow or else they’ll just go bankrupt again. Either that or they’ll introduce advertising. I’d rather pay. $9 is worth it. If they actually spent some dough on marketing they could likely lower the rate down to the $5 range with a lower rate for those who buy a one-year subscription.

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