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Sep 02 2006

The Frames – Burn The Maps

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I went through my iTunes library today to listen to some of the older tunes I used to listen to, and came across the Irish band, The Frames.

I think it’s pretty cool how the lead singer, Glen Hansard, got discovered. He wanted to make a demo, and so his mum (after doing some underground investigating, I found out like any good journalist would, that they actually say “mum” instead of “mom” in Ireland) went to the bank and said that she needed a loan to fix up the house. He made 50 copies of a four track EP, and much to his surprise, Denny Cordell (best known for discovering Tom Petty, and managing Joe Crocker) got his hands on an album, and Glen was immediately signed by Island.

The Frames songs such as Suffer In Silence, remind me a lot of Bright Eyes.
Burn The Maps:

The Frames – Sideways Down

The Frames – Suffer In Silence

The Frames – Happy

Hurricane Healing, Vol. 2:

The Frames – Lay Me Down

Visit the bands website to hear more music and purchase albums.

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Sep 02 2006

Say It Ain’t So Woxy

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I just went to, an independent online radio station based in Cincinnatti, and am disappointed to learn that they are calling it quits. Woxy is one of the finest Independent and Alternative stations out there, and it is truely a shame to see it go. They are closing for financial reasons, after recently trying to save the station by making it so you had to have a membership to have good sound quality. I’m hoping that an investor comes along soon, preferably before September 15, which is the day the broadcast will be silenced. Woxy used to be an FM station, and almost shut down completely in 2004 after selling their FM license, but last minute two investors helped Woxy stay online. We can only cross our fingers, and hope that the same miracle happens again.

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