Jan 22 2007

Release Date Set on Wilco Album

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Wilco fans have been anxiously awaiting an album release, or even news of a release, after the bands 2004 gem, “A Ghost Is Born.” Now we’ve got answers. On May 15, given that Nonesuch doesn’t mess up the release like Reprise did with “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,” I am happy to inform those of you who don’t know, that Wilco, the best band on earth (possibly universe), will be releasing “Sky Blue Sky”.

Thanks to Wilco’s more than generous recording policy, many of the songs that will potentially be on the album have been recorded in live format. Knowing Tweedy, and seeing the recording process for YHF on the documentary, “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart,” any of the songs are open to change. “Impossible Germany” may become “Impossible Norway”–you just never know.

Jesse Jarnow grouped together a handful of new songs on his site, Jesse Jarnow’s Frank and Earthy Blog, that Wilco has played around the country, some of which will most likely make an appearance on the album in some form. From the press release, “Some of the 18+ plus tracks recorded and being considered for inclusion are “Impossible Germany”, “Shake it Off”, “Glad it’s Over”, “Side with the Seeds”, “Walken” and “Either Way.”

Wilco has creative ways of releasing their material, and working with the fans, so we can probably expect some sort of album streaming, possibly even before the release. Nonesuch, if you are reading this (ha), and want to leak the album once it’s done, that would be marvelous–I promise to still buy the album, maybe even several times. This is the first album produced with all six members of the current band, and most songs were written in the studio as opposed to previous albums were Tweedy composed more himself. I’ll keep you updated, when more news becomes available.

Prospective Songs on “Sky Blue Sky”:

Jeff Tweedy – Thanks I Get (Sunken Treasure DVD)

Wilco – Walken (7-16-06 Pines Theater)

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  1. […] Did I call it, or did I call it. In my last Wilco post I stated, “Wilco has creative ways of releasing their material, and working with the fans, so we can probably expect some sort of album streaming, possibly even before the release.” Well, tonight is your lucky night. Wilco just announced a semi-secret (oops) listening party tonight at 10 pm Central time, for their upcoming release, Sky Blue Sky. The album’s set release date is May 15. Sudden change of plans for tonight. […]

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