Mar 05 2007

The Shivers – Phone Calls

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The past few weeks I’ve been listening to some of The Shivers music off their new album, Phone Calls. Keith Zarriello, who seems to be the only consistent member of the Brooklyn band, has a variety of interesting music, and can also be noted for his songwriting. His music ranges from folk/country, to more lo-fi/alternative. However you want to classify his music, it is quite relaxing, and his love song “beauty” on Charades is a masterpiece (as anyone who has heard the song will confirm). Some of his songs over the years have also been pretty obscure to say the least…you’ll have to hear for yourself.

In 2004, The Shivers released Charades, an overlooked album that definitely has something going for it. I never knew that much about the band (maybe you can help me out if you know more), but from what I have read, it sounds like Zarriello has had quite a range of experiences. I read some interview hosted by his old record label, Whiskey and Apples, having something to do with being a mime and working on an organic farm in Montreal, but I try to take everything I read with a grain of salt, so I’m not really confident I know the whole story. From what appears to be another interview done with Kulterblog, Zarriello states, “A big part of our music and experience is social and political activism. We are working to help the underprivileged children of the world and we are active members in the 9/11 Truth Movement ( We think we are at an imperative time on this earth when people must get involved to prevent the evil powers that be from doing any more damage…. We believe in peace, love and respect for all humans and animals!” A portion of the proceeds for Phone Calls will go to a young Indian girl whom the band sponsors.

Album- Charades (2004)

The Shivers – Beauty

The Shivers – L.I.E.

Album- Phone Calls (2007)

The Shivers – The Road

The Shivers – Half Invisible

The Shivers – New Direction

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  1. The Shiverson 09 Mar 2007 at 4:51 pm


    Thank you for supporting the movement. It is truly appreciated.

    The Shivers

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