Dec 12 2007

I forgot about Christmas…

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I’m sure this will end with me being accused of treason of some kind, but just to settle… I really do love Christmas and I love you all.

Aside from being the time of the year where fantastic deals heavenly praises flood  suburban malls Earth–other than being a time to look to the age-old decorations of pine and tinsel to remind us of desire generosity–Christmas has some economical historical significance too. It recalls a very special time…

You don’t hate Christmas, do you? Sing along if you know the words!

The day that Capitalism Jesus Christ wasn’t was born is one we can never forget. Or can we? Now, I’m a Hindu… but I grew up in rural Wisconsin, so I know my sacred holidays. This year, however, something is different. While everyone was blasting their Christmas music as soon as the turkey was finished, I didn’t. Maybe living on my own secludes me… maybe the unforgiving Boston winter has abused my ductile heart… or maybe the bullshit is just too much to take this time… all I know is that it’s been business as usual. So here’s my playlist for all of you suffering from the inability to get psyched for this year’s commercial fuckshow Holiday Season.

It’s full of great songs that I’ve been keeping on rotation lately. Good for any season. There’s honestly not an obvious theme here, but if you make a little playlist I’m sure one of these songs will be perfect for the time… and that time is anytime, by the way. Check em out. Some I’m sure you’ve never heard… some are just great.

  1. El Ten Eleven – “My Only Swerving”
  2. The Four Hundred – “Marionettes”
  3. Liam Finn – “Second Chance”
  4. Brazillian Girls – “Homme”
  5. Andrew Bird – “A breaks B”
  6. Jeff Tweedy – “Simple Twist of Fate (Bob Dylan Cover)”
  7. Pseudosix – “Treacherous Ways”
  8. Nas – “Surviving the Times”
  9. Phosphorescent – “A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise”
  10. Galactic w/ Gift of Gab – “The Corner”
  11. Old Crow Medicine Show – “Cocaine Habit”
  12. frYars – “happY”
  13. Wax Fang – “Avant Guardian Angel Dust”
  14. The Flaming Lips – “Nobody Told Me (John Lennon Cover) – Live”
  15. The Bowerbirds – “Human Hands”

Now, there is something special about people around the end of the year, and it’s a good thing. Good hearted people are good no matter how you spin it. When I was younger, I would get excited for presents holidays because I was a greedy little bastard for what would seem like no reason. Instead of hating the way things are, I think it’s time for me (and the rest) to love it the right way. The problem is… they just don’t make McDonalds French Fries and 6-Piece McNuggets Christmas like they used to…

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