Dec 28 2007

Song of the Day – 12/28/07

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The glory of a shuffling playlist means you can blindly encounter a song you forgot existed. One whose sonic melodies were “unforgettable.” The song found its way onto a slew of mixes and then, for whatever reason, was simply gone. Maybe you went through some hippie jam-band phase or your computer got stolen or whatever… the point is hearing that song after a long time can be one of the most satisfying moments ever.

Pas/Cal’s third EP, Dear Sir, was released earlier this year (maybe sometime last year?) and it was an incredibly strong release. I think I had a real thing for most of the songs on it. The song of the day today is “The Lot Came We Came Home With,” the fourth track.

What starts out simple pyramids into a complex and beautiful climax that really hits close to the soul. Everytime I listen through the EP, the flow between the two last tracks feels fantastic. I’ll spare you the bio and the pressure and let you take it as it is. Enjoi!

MP3: Pas/Cal – “The Lot We Came Home With”

I think we could really use a full-length sometime soon, eh guys?

MP3: Pas/Cal – “Wake up Wake Up Wake Up”

The best part? Every other track on this EP is equal or better… that’s called consistency, kids…

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