Jan 25 2008

Lip Syncing 101: Learn From The Best

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You may have already seen this video somewhere, but it’s too good to pass up for those who haven’t had the privilege yet. For some reason, I don’t see think this led to a big outrage. The funniest parts of the video in countdown order:

YouTube Preview Image

10.The stage

9. The way the guitarist in the black shirt swayed back and forth. And the drummer. And the whole band.

8. The level of awfulness of their music.

7. The fact that such an awful band would lip sync. Sorry to break it to you, it won’t help.

6. The fall.

5. The confusion on the band member’s faces not knowing what to do after the fall.

4. His redeeming hop back on stage.

3. His hand motion before the fall.

2. “Maybe no one saw” attitude he had after falling. His amazing failure to lip sync his own song. The way he sits on his knees in the corner. the grandma still clapping in the audience. The way that the audience has no expression. Everything in the last 10 seconds.

1. The disappearance of his sunglasses after the fall.

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