Feb 10 2008

Disc a Day: Week 6

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February 4th


Philip Glass – Glassworks

MP3: Philip Glass – Opening

MP3: Philip Glass – Facades

February 5th


The Decemberists – 5 Song EP

MP3: The Decemberists – Oceanside

MP3: The Decemberists – Apology Song
February 6th


My Morning Jacket – Acoustic Citsuoca

MP3: My Morning Jacket – Bermuda Highway

MP3: My Morning Jacket – Golden

February 7th


Mice Parade – Mice Parade

MP3: Mice Parade – Tales of Las Negras
MP3: Mice Parade – Double Dolphins on a Dime

February 8th

El Ten Eleven – El Ten Eleven

Mp3: El Ten Eleven – Connie

February 9th


Dinosaur Jr – You’re Living All Over Me

MP3: Dinosaur Jr – Sludgefeast
MP3: Dinosaur Jr – Just Like Heaven

February 10th


Handsome Furs – Plague Park

MP3: Handsome Furs – What We Had

MP3: Handsome Furs – Dead and Rural

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2 Responses to “Disc a Day: Week 6”

  1. Akhilon 12 Feb 2008 at 10:46 pm

    So, since I work at the UNHOLY FUCKSHOW that is Guitar Center, I sometimes have the chance to meet some bona fide “rock stars.” One day I was sitting, minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye comes easily one of the most haggard, crazy dudes I’ve ever seen. But he looked familiar. He was slurring almost every other word and was just ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE. I couldn’t understand anything he said and he stunk something fierce.

    Some employees wrote this guy off as a usual drunk or older schwasted dude, possibly a lost and disenfranchised ‘Nam Vet or a young rookie who made a mistake early in his career and was thereby haunted for the rest of his life by a situation that just got out of control…. but guess what.. it was just JAY MASCIS.

    I love my heroes in a special way. And no matter what they still rock hard as fuck…

  2. Meganon 18 Feb 2008 at 11:34 pm

    I’m so glad someone is finally starting to recognize El Ten Eleven. They have amazing songs without a doubt.

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