Feb 19 2008

Song of the Day – 2/19/08

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The best 26 minutes and 39 seconds of my day were spent listening to The Antlers 2007 release, In The Attic Of The Universe. Shy of even thirty minutes, this musical journey is exactly the kind of work that leaves you wanting more. Every so often I would find myself trying to get into the mind of The Antlers (a.k.a Peter Silberman) and the song would end, giving way to yet another side of the multifaceted artist. Every one of the eight songs is wonderful. The album opens with the found noises of nature and, from there, weaves a masterpiece of sound that never truly quits and most definitely cuts to the core.

Not afraid to use a variety of different sounds together, he works to ensure the purity and as a listener, his desire to express himself unfiltered certainly shows. Silberman’s voice was a little surprising at first and is walking the line in such a way that some people may be turned off–but give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed. (Also, many of the tracks are instrumental).

This track from the middle of the album turned up while on shuffle and I was hooked from there.

MP3: The Antlers – “The Universe Is Going To Catch You”

My biggest grudge against the album is its brevity. The second track, “Look!” is only 1:56 and more than half is the setup. But the payoff is fucking sweet…

MP3: The Antlers – “Look!”

MP3: The Antlers – “The Carrying Arms” (Awesome.)

MP3: The Antlers – “When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine Cover)

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Pick up some more MP3’s (ep selections & covers) from The Antlers download page.

Also, here’s some of The Antlers side-project work: The Pet Ghost Project | Darby Cicci

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  1. zero_trooperon 20 Feb 2008 at 6:37 am

    …and a great album sleeve to boot…

  2. Akhilon 20 Feb 2008 at 10:56 pm

    (Album Cover)
    Is that what you mean?

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