Broadcast 2000 – Building Blocks EP

If you’ve streamed our Indie Muse radio show in the past you may have heard me play “Get Up and Go” by Broadcast 2000. It’s an outstanding song, and the EP it’s featured on, Building Blocks, leaves me anticipating a strong debut album. Broadcast 2000 comes out of London, and is the solo project of 26-year-old Joe Steer. His diverse musical talents make him a refreshing artist to listen to, combining cello, double bass, guitar, ukulele, glockenspiel,banjo, percussion and his own layered vocals. It’s hard to classify Steer’s music, but I would call it a mix between Sufjan Stevens, Coldplay, and Beirut. The vocals in “Run” could lead you to believe Chris Martin stopped by for a session.

The Building Blocks EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in Steer’s north London flat. From my understanding, it has a June release in the US, and is available digitally in the UK iTunes Store. Broadcast 2000 just recently signed with Groenland Records; I’ll keep you updated on any announcements regarding the debut release.

Building Blocks EP:

Broadcast 2000 – Get Up and Go

Broadcast 2000 – Run

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5 thoughts on “Broadcast 2000 – Building Blocks EP

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  2. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Those two tracks are getting some serious mileage on my media player.

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