May 30 2008

Song of the Day – 5/30/08

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Well, it’s been a ridiculous month for all of us here. I’ve been getting done with school, making that annual trip home to Wisconsin and putting together a new band for the summer. Most of all, though, I’ve been hearing totally great music. My apologies for not letting you in on my level sooner, but here we go.

Sign this band:

Just a block from my house, Great Scott is a fantastic bar for hearing new indie music in a comfortable atmosphere.  I have no qualms about running down the street on a dull night and checking out what may be my new favorite bands. That’s  just what happened with Boston’s own You Can Be A Wesley. I knew a few of these kids from classes and around campus, but had no idea that they were as original, creative and tight as found. Song after song (even a Cardigan’s cover) I was enthralled–not only by the music but the uncontrollable energy: happiness, eminating from the stage.

I managed to lock down one of their brilliant ep’s, Feed The Moon, Starve The Sun. Recorded sometime in 2007, the EP displays the usual characteristics. It is smooth, interesting and most of all, they’ve continued to improve in a serious way. Their live show surpasses their formidable ep in every way. While Feed the Moon, Starve the Sun definitely kicks a lot of ass, I can’t wait to hear its live interpretation.

As a band, the group is superbly understanding of what roles each member plays. A large part of truly original music is the understanding of placement. The bass and drumming are efficient and purposeful. On lead guitar, Winston MacDonald has foresight, to say the least. Using the right notes, and only the right notes, the solos and fills come out in triumphant fashion giving the impression that these kids in their early twenties are much much more mature. Saara, a wonderful presence, fulfills her duties as a lead singer and guitarist with admirable intensity. Her voice has a beautiful, piercing quality that can only be described as “addictive.”

They can remind me of BSS, Built to Spill and any number of bands while still maintaining their own energy. The most important thing to remember with a group like this is how young they are. In such a short time they’ve developed an organization and ambition that will continue to bear fantastic results. When I say “Sign This Band.” it’s because they’re just waiting to be found.

MP3: You Can Be A Wesley – “Feed the Moon, Starve the Sun”

MP3: You Can Be A Wesley – “Balloon Head”

MP3: You Can Be A Wesley – “Summerhomes”

Support You Can Be a Wesley: Home | MySpace

Wesley is going to be touring the east coast in August, so if you can, check em out!

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  1. danni_amazingon 06 Jun 2008 at 11:53 am

    This is a good band!
    i <3 balloon head

  2. dimedron 08 Jun 2008 at 1:56 pm

    thanks for sharing, these guys def. have a future!

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