Dec 11 2008

Little Joy – S/T (2008)

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Little Joy is a side project from The Stroke's drummer Fabrizio Moretti, singer Rodrigo Amarante of Los Hermanos, and singer Bikini Shapiro. This is a great little pop album; there's not a lot of lyrical substance, but it's very pleasant to listen to and it has a great production value. It sounds like an amalgamation of different pop music from the 50s to 60s that wants to be played in the sunshine.

From Rough Trade:

It's a tastefully executed cocktail of calypso-garage-folk that's reminiscent of both trashy lounge bars and tropical coast lines. Our favourite tracks include the scratchy and glorious sunshine pop of 'No Ones Better Sake', and the heart breaking acoustic number 'With Strangers' which sounds like it was taken direct from a 40's acetate.

One of the samples, “Keep Me in Mind”, sounds like it could have easily been a Strokes song; some of the vocal melodies are very similar to Julian Casablancas style of singing. I'm probably going to break this album for out late spring of 2009 because I feel it might be a more appropriate context, but right now it'll be a little reminder of future and past warmer times.

MP3: Little Joy – The Next Time Around

MP3: Little Joy – Keep Me in Mind

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