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Apr 16 2008

Ticketmaster’s Thoughtless Business Model

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Several days ago, I bought two Flight of the Conchord tickets on Ticketmaster for their May 9th DC show. This is what my invoice looks like:

Tickets: $35 X 2

Convenience Charge: $9.85 x 2

Order processing fee: $5.10Total Ticketmaster fees: $24.80

Ticket costs before fees: $70 | Ticket costs after fees: $94.80


I’m sorry, but I have to vent about how frustrated I am with this incompetent company. It irks me that they came up with the innovative idea of charging customers $5 to print out their tickets with their own ink and paper, and then decided to stop there. Come on, Ticketmaster, is that the best you’ve got? Here are some freebies to help you get your head in the game:

1) Every time a customer types the url ‘’ into their browser, charge them a dollar “maintenance fee” before they can access the site, regardless of sale. Bandwidth doesn’t pay for itself.

2) When users are presented with the CAPTCHA charge them a “verification fee.” If they incorrectly type the word into the box, make them pay a fine, as well. Time is money.

3) Charge a “fan loyalty verification fee” for all pre-sale tickets. What is that? It’s insurance to make sure the most loyal fans are getting the best seats. By cooperating with this verification process, customers show Ticketmaster that they really want to go to the show—enough to deserve the best tickets. Even if it’s a General Admission show, charge this fee.

4) Those numbers aren’t going to crunch themselves. Charge your customers a “Billing fee.” This is different then the processing fee. The processing fee processes. The billing fee bills. You’d be stupid to not understand the difference.

I, for one, call for a boycott of Ticketmaster until they show more dedication to their business. Whose with me?!

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Apr 01 2008

Band of Horses Leave Sub Pop Records

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Photo by Stephen Lindley

After two album releases under Sub Pop, Band of Horses have decided to part ways with the label. Over the past year, tensions have risen between the band’s lead singer, Ben Bridwell, and Sub Pop’s co-founder Jonathan Poneman, after Bridwell supposedly refused to shave his beard at Poneman’s request. In an exclusive interview with Pitchfork, Poneman goes into detail explaining the situation:

I was hoping that this could stay between me and Ben. He chose to make this public on the band’s blog, which has now forced me to address our differences. Basically, I needed Bridwell to shave, or at least trim, his out of control beard. I love the music the guys produce, but I am also a businessman. I like money. It’s clear that sales are directly proportional to the length of his beard. People like clean shaven now. Just read GQ, 70% of females like men with a smooth face. That means that if Bridwell shaved, we could increase sales by 70%. Besides, he doesn’t even wash the thing. There is literally a plant growing out of his beard (figure 2). I think my request was reasonable. He looks like a monkey.

Bridwell vented about his quarrel with Poneman on the Band of Horses music blog. Here is an excerpt:

“I’m a fuckin’ musician, you know? I’m not the only musician with a beard. Get a grip JP. People dig my beard.”

(figure 2)

Things between the two got ugly at a show Bridwell performed in San Diego July 6, 2007. Rosemary, an avid fan and good friend of Band of Horses recalls, “yeah, that’s right, I was standing next to Jon Poneman at the show. At Ben’s request, I filmed the band playing “The Funeral,” and before I knew it, he was flicking Poneman off. I glanced over at Poneman, and out of nowhere he was holding up a big pair of sheers with an evil look in his eyes. You know, one of those sheers you see business owners use to cut the ribbon outside their store on opening day. I thought it was a joke between the two. It still gives me the heebie jeebies.”

Video shows Bridwell flipping the bird

A credible source tells us Band of Horses is in negotiations with Barsuk Records.

Cease To Begin (2007):

Band of Horses – Ode to lrc

Band of Horses – Detlef Schrempf

Everything All The Time(2006):

Band of Horses: The Funeral

Band of Horses: Wicked Gil


Band of Horses: Wicked Gil (live on the interned)

Site| Tour|Store|Myspace

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Feb 27 2008

NPR Streaming Live Wilco Show From 9:30 Club, DC

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I’ll be reviewing Wilco’s show yesterday at the 9:30 Club shortly (hint: It was spectacular), but in the meantime, you might be interested in streaming tonight’s second show there. Wilco came out at 9 PM EST, so if you see this post soon, you won’t have missed much. If not, then you can listen to it in the archives. I’m listening right now and it sounds great. The way that they are able to reconstruct their songs is amazing. Be expecting more posts up on the site soon.

Wilco – You Are My Face

Wilco – What Light

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Feb 23 2008

Indie Muse Looking for Partner Sites

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Do you have a music blog or know someone who does? We here at Indie Muse are looking for sites that would be interested in partnering up with us (via the blogroll), that feature similar music. We have been running Indie Muse for a while now and would love to continue spreading the word on the site so people unaware of it can potentially find new music that they like (and hopefully you have enjoyed, thus far.) Also, we want to endorse other sites that we think our readers would like, as we can’t feature every great musician out there, as much as we would like to.

If you enjoy our blog and have a site of your own that you think we would like (that’s right RIAA!), then please shoot off an email to David (at) indiemuse (dot) com, or just use the contact form below. We are NOT looking to get more traffic to the site by any means necessary. This is a passion project, and our number one priority is to promote the music we love. The number of loyal readers we have to the site is astounding, and I can’t thank you guys enough. You all have great taste in music and I love hearing from you (and your recommendations.) We will be reviewing all the sites that contact us, and will only be supporting those that we visit ourselves.


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Feb 03 2008

Stream Our Radio Show Today On WVAU

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So the banner above didn’t come out that great, and I have no idea how to use Photoshop, but me and my friend Chris, the Chris who has started writing for the blog, are going to continue to have a web radio show from Sunday’s 2-4 EST on We are excited and hope you will take the opportunity to check out our show. We will be playing some music that we posted on the blog as well as lots of music from bands that we haven’t yet featured. It should be an enjoyable show, and you can even listen to our awkward air breaks. We’re still learning the equipment so there might be some little goofs here and there, but overall, our plan is to have a kick ass show.

To stream, all you have to do is click THIS LINK. Or the banner above. Or the one on the left. Whatever you prefer. We will be logging the songs we play, and you can see what we played HERE.

We would really appreciate if you take the time to listen. You can find some great new artists by listening to our show, and also, it’s great to have in the background if you have any work or cleaning to do. Also, you can talk with us during the show on AIM at RadioWVAU and request songs. Hope to see you soon. Thanks.



Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – December 1963 (Oh What A Night!)

Live cover:

My Morning Jacket – December 1963 (Oh What A Night!)




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Feb 02 2008

Sufjan Stevens Extravaganza: Writings and Music

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I went through a period when I wasn’t listening to Sufjan Stevens on a regular basis, but that is no more. The break I took made me appreciate his music all over again. In particular, I have been obsessed with the first track on Illinoise, “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, IL.”

You may not be aware of the fact that Sufjan is a writer, outside of being a lyricist, having received a MFA in creative writing. Over the years, he has written many short stories and essays. Several months ago, I found a site, All Good Naysayers, that has many of his published works. I haven’t had a chance to go through everything he’s written, but am impressed and entertained by those which I have read. If you are a Sufjan Stevens fan, and want to get a little more intimate with him as a person, and his music, I highly recommend you go read these. Perhaps to start out, you can read the 2006 cover story Stevens’ wrote for Topic Magazine. He discusses music experiences he had while growing up as a kid. I have posted the whole essay below, click on the pictures to read. Then go to All Good Naysayers (linked to writing section) to read additional short stories.

Illinoise (2005):

Sufjan Stevens- Concerning the UFO sighting Near Highland, IL

Sufjan Stevens-Chicago

Sufjan Stevens- The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us!


Seven Swans (2004):

Sufjan Stevens- A Good Man Is Hard To Find


Michigan (2003):

Sufjan Stevens- Romulus


Enjoy Your Rabbit (2001):

Sufjan Stevens- Year Of The Ox


A Sun Came (2000):

Sufjan Stevens- A Winner Needs A Wand



The Avalanche (2006):

Sufjan Stevens- Adlai

B-Sides and Demos:

Sufjan Stevens – God’ll Ne’er Let You Down

2007 Believer Music Issue CD:

In The Words Of The Governor

I’m Not There OST:

Sufjan Stevens – Ring Them Bells

Bob Dylan – Ring Them Bells

Songs For Christmas (2006):

Sufjan Stevens – O Holy Night

The BQE (more info):

Sufjan Stevens – The BQE (part 3)

Site | Amazon | iTunes

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Jan 24 2008

Where’s The Justice?

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Justice has been served. Not until I read that Justice’s show at Madison Square Garden was moved to a smaller venue did I learn that Justice was planning on performing at Madison Square Garden. My response is similar to many; puzzled, confused, irritated. I have to agree with others that Justice comes off as really arrogant for attempting to play MSG; at $70 a ticket no less. Justice has some good music, but are not veterans as of just yet. Lesson to learn: Don’t fly too close to the sun. For more information and an enjoyable read, check out Brooklyn Vegan. Court adjourned.

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Jan 19 2008

Jeff Tweedy is the Man

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Or crazy. The fantastic blog Aquarium Drunkard just made me aware of the guys playing in 1985 before Uncle Tupelo, under the name The Primitives. Jeff Tweedy is playing the bass. He is also wearing a dress. Too bad he doesn’t still cross dress–it would make it a whole lot easier getting my hands on a pair of Wilco tickets for DC. It is fascinating seeing how Jeff Tweedy has evolved over the years. Through a lot of experimenting, he seems to have found his sound. The boys were just nominated for a Grammy for Sky Blue Sky, an award they most definitely deserve.

YouTube Preview Image
Uncle Tupelo – Looking For A Way Out

Uncle Tupelo – Fatal Wound

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Jan 14 2008

Billy Bragg: “Jail Guitar Doors”

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I was just recently made aware of Billy Bragg’s fascinating “Jail Guitar Doors” program. The initiative basically gives inmates musical instruments, with the idea that it will give them a hobby, other than, say, killing people. So far, the re-conviction rates of those who have participated in the program is only 10%-15%, opposed to the 61% national average in the UK. Truly impressive. Music plays a significant role in our lives, and our western society, including corporations, has done a relatively good job recognizing the importance of music in our over scheduled lives. I think we need to continue supporting music programs at public schools, and ensure that schools with less government funding have the necessary means to sustain these programs. Unfortunately, the schools with the least government funding are often in neighborhoods were crime is most persistent. Sure, the program may be a little expensive, but so is locking a person up for 80 years. This way, maybe we can help avoid needless crime, and perhaps even get a good band or two out of it. The Independent just recently covered a story on “Jail Guitar Doors,” and I highly recommend you read the article. When they interviewed Bragg he said:

I never ask the prisoners I meet why they are inside. When I’m with them, I’m dealing with them strictly as individuals. What they did to get themselves in here in the first place is none of my business. I don’t want to judge them on that, not least because they’ve been judged on it already – they’re banged up, aren’t they? And anyway, these instruments aren’t presents, they’re a challenge, a challenge for them to try to make something of themselves. My hope is that they will see this as an opportunity to take that first step on the path back to society.

I believe the program “Jail Guitar Doors” is only a UK run program. I am not personally knowledgeable about specific organizations in the US that have similar programs, but am sure they exist. If any one has any information, either for donating instruments to schools or prisons, or wherever, please leave a comment below– I will update the post. I care about this issue, not only because I think it’s important to help prevent crime, but also because I think everyone has the right to explore music, and their inner passion. I’m not particularly good at any instrument, but it’s not from a lack of opportunity. Right now, I play the guitar a little, and like playing, but over the years I have dabbled in the Saxophone, Piano, and Drums. If you are on this site you obviously have a deep passion for music as well. It’s just interesting to think about how lucky we all are, and question what would have happened if the musicians we treasure were born under different circumstances where they didn’t have access to instruments.

Mermaid Avenue:

Billy Bragg & Wilco – California Stars

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Jan 13 2008

Some Indie Muse Shenanigans + Recaps

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Hello everyone,

So I have a few things I would like to quickly bring up. The first thing is irrelevant to most of you, the second is a favor I need to ask of you. The third is “the best of Indie Muse”–Mp3’s that hopefully you will like. has been here for a while, but some of you are newcomers. For those of you who don’t have time to go through all of my first band posts, I want to aggregate some of the Mp3’s so you can have a listen. If they are on this site, it means we endorse them. We don’t post for quantity–we post for quality. We want Indie Muse to be a place where you can come if you have similar music tastes, and find music that you will hopefully like. We aren’t hot shots who think we are so cool or more “expert” than you in regards to independent music, because we run a music blog. We simply love music and want to share our tastes.

1) If anyone has extra Wilco tickets for either night (February 26 or 27th) at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, please let me know. Those of you who have visited the site before know Wilco is my favorite band, and I’ve been following them in Chicago for a long time. I still haven’t washed my hands since shaking one of them with Jeff Tweedy, while he sang “Hummingbird.” But yeah, getting tickets has been a disaster. I won’t bore you with the details.

Wilco -  More Like The Moon 

Wilco – Radio Cure (live-kicking the television)–brilliance at its finest. This live version makes me want to weep. I can’t believe I missed this show in Chicago. Please, if you have extra DC tickets I can purchase. You will be my savior.

2) Do you like the domain name? Not as a replacement domain for this blog, but for a little music website I’m working on. I can tell you a little bit more about it later. But the domain name..if you can offer any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. Your opinion really matters to me here. Don’t worry, it’s not a site that sells dental floss that plays music, although that would be a good idea. I just want to know if it’s catchy, easy to remember..non-offensive. Thank you in advance for your help.

3) Like I stated earlier in this post, I like every song we put on Indie Muse. But these five are some of my older favorites..and I posted them back in 2006, when I first started the blog. Expect more “recaps” in the upcoming weeks. If there is an artist that you like here, type their name into our search on the left hand sidebar to see the original post.

Gary Jules – No Poetry

The Weepies -Gotta Have You

The Scourge of the Sea – Waterwings

Jeremy Messersmith – Beautiful Children

Ugly Casanova – Hotcha Girls

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