hello there! how are ya? what’s your name? not a talker, eh? oh, wait a minute… this has to be about me doesn’t it. well um.. what would you like to know about me?

1. my name is david

2. i’m 20 years old

3. i live in chicago, and go to school in dc.

4. i am a cubs fan

5. i like music

6. i like sleep, yet always seem to find a way to deprive myself of it. it’s strange.

7. i really want to be in a band that that revolves around the recorder, cowbell, gong, wood xylophone, kazoo, banjo, and most importantly, the shofar. if you are down, let me know.

8. my movie list: eternal sunshine, big fish, I heart huckabees, wet hot american summer, american history x, memento, shawshank redemption, in bruges, city of god, fargo, amelie, good bye lenin!, little miss sunshine, motorcycle diaries, zach galifianakis, ferris beuller’s day off, home alone.

email me at David {at} indiemuse {dot} com or use the form below[CONTACT-FORM]