Dec 12 2007


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hello there! how are ya? what’s your name? not a talker, eh? oh, wait a minute… this has to be about me doesn’t it. well um.. what would you like to know about me?

1. my name is david

2. i’m 20 years old

3. i live in chicago, and go to school in dc.

4. i am a cubs fan

5. i like music

6. i like sleep, yet always seem to find a way to deprive myself of it. it’s strange.

7. i really want to be in a band that that revolves around the recorder, cowbell, gong, wood xylophone, kazoo, banjo, and most importantly, the shofar. if you are down, let me know.

8. my movie list: eternal sunshine, big fish, I heart huckabees, wet hot american summer,¬†american history x, memento, shawshank redemption, in bruges, city of god, fargo, amelie, good bye lenin!, little miss sunshine,¬†motorcycle diaries, zach galifianakis, ferris beuller’s day off, home alone.

email me at David {at} indiemuse {dot} com or use the form below[CONTACT-FORM]

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