Jul 27 2006

Soma, a band with a big heart and great potential

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Ahkil Bhatt, Sam Doty, and David Nyman. Put them in a studio (under a chapel) in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin for 10 days, and what would you expect other than a killer album? Soma started about 2 years ago, when the guys were still in High School, and decided that their life was boring so they should start a band.

They started out with an EP, at which time they did an impressive cover of Modest Mouse’s Float On. The cover sounds very similar to Ben Lee’s cover of the song, however, Soma released the song before Ben Lee did. Some conspiracy theorists still accuse Ben Lee of hearing Soma’s song, and using his fame as a weapon, recording the song in the same mellow style that Soma did, and passing the originality off as his own. Soma, of course, has no hard feelings toward Ben Lee and still listens to his music (including his cover of float on).

The band just recorded their first full album, Back To Massachusetts. I really like what the guys are doing, and highly recommend you check out them out. There is no doubt in my mind, that Soma will continue to improve, the more they record.

VH1’s Best Week Ever, heard Soma’s music, and is considering putting the song Forgive Me on the show, so I’ll keep you updated about that. Below are my three favorite songs off the album.You can hear more Soma here:

Back To Massachusetts:

Soma – Driving

Soma – E

Soma – Her Favorite Song

Life’s Effect’s

Soma – Float On

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