Aug 11 2006

Send For Help

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Sometime last year, I heard my first Send For Help song, Burmese Tiger Pit. It instantly became one of my new favorites to listen to, and over the next several months I definitely wore it out.

Send for Help comes out of San Francisco. The band formed in late 2004 after singer/songwriter/guitarist George D’Annunzio moved from Ohio to SF, and met up with guitarist Mike Damiani. Send For Help has opened up for bands like Pinback, We Are Scientists, and Bishop Allen. Their sound reminds me a lot of Rogue Wave.

Send For Help has a full-length album coming out soon, and it will be nice to be able to get a full taste of the band, as all that has been released so far is a five track EP. I’ll keep you updated.

Oh yeah, and if you like what you hear and live in San Francisco, you should check out their show August 12. They are playing at a SFBC (Bike Coalition) benefit concert. Hey, even if you don’t live in San Fransisco hop on a plane and go to the concert. Be spontaneous. Do something adventurous! I would, but I’m so broke, I eat crackers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Get more info on the concert and the band at their myspace.

Send For Help – Burmese Tiger Pit

Send For Help – We’ll Get Away

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