Mar 16 2007

Sub Pop Week: Low – Drums and Guns (Part Deux)

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Okay, so I finished listening to Drums and Guns last night, and can officially say I love it. The softcore album has more minimalist arrangements than The Great Destroyer, yet still produces plenty of noise. You’ll hear background hi-hats, screeches, and other varieties of static. The album has a quiet, dark quality to it. With Alan Sparhawk on vocals, and his wife, Mimi Parker backing up, Drums and Guns has a slow tempo feel. The vocals make for an interesting listening experience, with lyrics revolving around death, war, and in general, bad things. A few of my favorites on the album include Dragonfly, Always Fade, Murderer, and Breaker. This album is Low at their best. Again, the album releases next Tuesday. Be sure to pick up a copy.

Low, from Duluth, Minnesota, formed in 1993. Featuring Alan Sparhawk on vocals and guitar and Mimi Parker on vocals and drums and Matt Livingston on bass and vocals. Sparhawk and Parker are married with two children; they first met in fourth grade in rural Minnesota. Livingston, the latest addition to the band, replaced longtime bassist Zak Sally who previously replaced original bassist John Nichols. As said in the last post, this is Low’s eighth album release, second for Sub Pop. Low is known for their impressive live shows, and have performed their new songs in different forms.

Drums and Guns:

Low – Breaker

The Great Destroyer:

Low – When I Go Deaf

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Sorry for not getting another artist up today–it’s been a crazy day. There will be a post on a new artist tomorrow. Also, Sub Pop week is over as of tomorrow. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Sub Pop artists won’t be featured after this, but there will now be more of a focus on other artists. Tomorrow, there will also be a Grand Finale for Sub Pop week (mix tape, hint hint.)

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