Willy Mason – If The Ocean Gets Rough

To start off this post, I am going to answer an FAQ (asked 19,391 times to be precise):

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Update: I know, I know. I said I would do better. Right after I put this post up, I came down with a bad case of the flu which I’m still fighting off. Thanks for sticking around, I will be updating the site soon.



Recently, I have had a new obsession, and assuming you’ve read the post title, you’ve already figured it out. Willy Mason is an underrated (mainly by Pitchfork) artist, who is quite talented musically and lyrically. His music videos are great as well. I’ve always liked Willy Mason, but for some reason haven’t listened to him as much as he’s deserved to be listened to. That’s all changed after I saw him open for Sondre Lerche in NYC.  I think he has done a lot of his touring in the past solo, but has been playing with three band members, including his brother on drums. He wasn’t the most engaging artist in the world on the stage, but hey, ipso facto–the music speaks for itself. 

Willy Mason is 22 years old and from Martha’s Vinyard, MA. He started making a name for himself at the young age of 19, and hasn’t stopped since. He currently has two main releases, 2004’s Where The Humans Eat, and this years release, If the Ocean Gets Rough. Both of his parents are folk songwriters, and Mason has implented their style of music with thougtful lyrics, making for some great music from all aspects. He has already toured with Radiohead, Ben Kweller, Beth Orton, and Death Cab, to name a few. My friends at Boston University said they saw Mason perform for about 20 students, and also his mother. Afterwards, they talked with him for a while and he talked to them about the time he jammed with Pete Townshend before a Radiohead show (he is huge in the UK), and how when he was on break, he would walk into classes at Columbia University just for fun. Willy Mason loves playing small shows because he is genuinely interested in getting to know individuals and has an appreciation for nature and the world that greatly enhances his music.

If The Ocean Gets Rough:

Willy Mason – Save Myself

Willy Mason – Simple Town (love this song)

To hear album in its entirety and see his music videos, check out Mason’s Myspace page.


Where The Humans Eat:

Willy Mason – Oxygen

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