Song of the day: Tim Booth – “Redneck”


“Redneck” is a track on Tim Booth’s album, Bone. I’ve liked the song for quite a while, but for whatever reason haven’t had a chance to post it, until now. The song has a great beat, and if the lyrics are supposed to be taken literally, the character in the song says, “I’m just ice-cream.” So that’s pretty cool, because I’ve never heard anyone describe themselves as ice cream before, and who doesn’t love ice cream? He also says he’s richer than Bill Gates, but we all know that can’t possibly be true, as Carlos Slim is the only man richer than Bill Gates. In reality, the song is about celebrity self-importance, which Booth says at one time he had. In an interview he stated, “I realised {sic, jk} it was just ice-cream – somebody wants strawberry one day and another flavour the next. It’s about being a disposable commodity. I’m interested in celebrity and fame because in this culture it’s the highest currency, the highest aim. It’s incredible that, if you’re a serial killer, as least you’re famous. That’s a strange state for a culture to be in.”

Booth is from Manchester, England, and is of the former band, James. His 2005 release, Bone, is considered to be his solo album, but as he states, “I can’t believe anyone really has true solo albums, except maybe Prince or Stevie Wonder. You need help and I had a lot of it from my collaborators.” A new album is currently in the works.

Bone (2005):

Tim Booth – “Redneck”

Booth’s Site

3 thoughts on “Song of the day: Tim Booth – “Redneck”

  1. Thanks for spotlighting Tim Booth. I loved James & I can’t wait to explore his solo work.

  2. Lest old acquaintance be forgot
    I lost your number in the rush
    Our friendship suffered with my success
    The wind it blew me on
    Now Ive been sacrified to entertain
    I went down smiling, it felt like pain
    The wind it blew me on
    The wind it blew me on
    Im just ice-cream
    Its all rama rama
    Im just space dust
    Its all rama rama
    Im just ice-cream
    Its all rama rama
    Thought I was high class
    Its all rama rama
    So self-important to this scheme
    My tragic suffering
    No more than a dream
    Ive got friends in higher places
    Don’t you recognize my faces
    Millions want my auto-photograph
    Critics want to write my epitath
    Ive got personal numberplates
    Ive got more money than Bill Gates
    Run it, run it, run it back up to me
    Life my life on TV
    Run it, run it, run it back up to me
    Im what you want to
    If I can’t top this industry
    My birthright feeling incomplete
    I wont get sucked into this greed
    Cos I sing love is all you need
    Lest old acquaintance be forgot


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