Mar 21 2008

Song of the Day – 3/21/08

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WORD: “Hi this is Carl from Arrah and the Ferns. Thanks for the kind words, i’m glad you liked it. I just wanted to let you and everyone know that, sadly, we just broke up and will not be releasing a sophopmore album. We’re all continuing to make music in various other projects. Check out our myspace blogs for more info.thanks again, it means a lot

Looking at upcoming releases this year, I realized that the sophomore album by Muncie, Indiana’s own Arrah & the Ferns would be dropping in just two months. It was good reason to get their 2006 debut, Evan is a Vegan, back out and give it a listen. I forgot how happy this is.

Arrah & the Ferns enjoyed limited commercial success afterwards, but maintained a satisfying impact on the music community with their upbeat indie-pop. Co-Lead singer Arrah Fisher’s voice is exactly that sound whose sonic structure makes the corners of your lips curl and injects a bit of sunshine in yr step.

The sound of a Rhodes is the perfect accompaniment to Fisher’s poetic lyrics as well as the swelling mandolins and guitars that bring the folk element cleanly into the mix. Not to be understated, Arrah and the Ferns are more than just a pop group. Pay attention to the subtleties and be rewarded. On the whole, Evan is a Vegan is not the contemplative, philosophical breakthrough that the world needs to hear, but its optimism, energy and wonder make it the perfect album to fill that “Boner Jamz 08: Happy Sunshine Rainbows” mixtape you want to give to your cute quazi-indie hipster girlcrush who works at that one coffee shop…

I loved Evan is a Vegan and can’t wait for May 2008’s All The Bad In One Place.

MP3: Arrah and the Ferns – “Science Books”

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MP3: Arrah and the Ferns – “Bernadette”

MP3: Arrah and the Ferns – “Emo Phillips”

Here’s a video of em on Letterman:

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    really good im impressed

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