Sep 29 2008

Animal Tolerance: Monster Edition

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After much deliberation, we’ve decided to implement a new feature on Indie Muse, where we are going to dedicate a post to an under-appreciated animal every month.

Let’s face it. Some animals out there really suck. Nobody is going to try argue that a rat is a cooler animal than a dog–except for me. And that’s the point of this feature.  There are a lot of really redeeming things about rats.  I would even go as far as saying rats are to “indie music” what dogs are to mainstream music…and that’s coming from someone who hates rats (and loves indie music).

This first feature isn’t dedicated to rats, though, because rats are a rare exception, and really do suck. It’s dedicated to monsters.

Now you are probably thinking 1 of 2 things:

1) “Oh no, monsters!!!”

2) “Wait a minute, monsters aren’t real!”

If you are thinking 2 (good job), you can skip to response 2.

1) You are an animalist! How do you hate something that doesn’t exist?!

2) You are right, monsters aren’t real. So why do they get such a bad wrap? Think how it must feel to be a monster, and have everybody always bashing you for no good reason.

Anyway, really just wanted to share these songs with you. So I guess this ones for you monsters.

5 Tracks entitled “Monsters.”

Band of Horses – Monsters

Electric President – Monsters

Forest City Lovers – Monsters

The Boy Least Likely To – Monsters

The Microphones – Monsters

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