Bombadil – “So Many Ways To Die” Music Video

I’m still tossing and turning at night over my “best of 2009” list, but one album that I am quite certain will be on there is Bombadil’s Tarpits and Canyonlands. It’s also going to make it onto my “Most underappreciated albums of 2009” list, “Most underappreciated albums of the decade” list and “Most underappreciated albums of the century (so far)” list. And David over at Largehearted Boy will have to recognize them all!!! (seriously, how does he do that?! He’s like a magical blogging wizard.)

Anyway, the main point of this post is to bring to your attention a hilarious music video Bombadil made for their song “So Many Ways To Die.” The video is comprised entirely of stock footage from the 30s, and was put together by Bombadil frontman Bryan Rahija. After watching the video a few times through I asked Rahija how he thinks he’s going to die, given all the possibilities. He said he figures he will clobbered by a bus scooting down G St in Washington DC. Similarly, I know for a fact that my untimely death at 93 is going to involve (but not be limited to): Montana, a treadmill, mountain goats, and 7-Eleven coke slushies.

There are so many ways to die. How is it going down for you?


Tarpits and Canyonlands (2009):

(MP3) Bombadil – Honeymoon

(MP3) Bombadil – So Many Ways To Die

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One thought on “Bombadil – “So Many Ways To Die” Music Video

  1. Well hello. I haven’t stopped by in a while but every time I do I’m always so happy to see that you’re still posting regularly. ANYway. I hadn’t even heard of Bombadil until reading this, but after listening to the two songs I bought their album and am currently listening to and loving it. So thank you for another brilliant suggestion.

    I’m curious to see your year-end album list. Attack in Black’s latest album topped mine. Did you listen to that one? Not sure how popular they are outside of Canada. But anyway, I feel like you’d probably really enjoy the album.

    P.S. I had a really great, pretty lengthy phone interview with Ben Cooper back in August, so I just wanted to say thanks for starting me listening to him in the first place.

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