Autolux – Future Perfect (2004)

Six years have elapsed since Autolux’s last album’s release (which apparently went under the radar as it “never had much support behind it“), but Future Perfect still feels exciting. This lasting interest likely has a lot to do with the fact that this Californian trio takes influence from decades past and decades that haven’t even elapsed yet—their sound is simultaneously before and after.

It’d be just as accurate to compare the band to My Bloody Valentine as it would to conjure up elaborate conspiracy theories that they’re actually a gang of robros from the distant future. Autolux have enough feedback-wrapped shoegaze to keep the nostalgikids happy, but the slick futurism of their whirling electronic flourishes helps keep them relevant.

Future Perfect is cool. Really cool. Honestly, this level of cool should not even be attainable. It’s hard to listen to the album without feeling like you’re standing outside the door of some secret party that you would never be invited to. The kind of party that takes place in a loft or an abandoned warehouse, complete with atmospheric lighting and highly-stylized attendees. But you can put your ear to the door and feel temporarily cool by proxy, telling yourself that your party invitation just got lost in the mail…

Future Perfect (2004)

(mp3) Autolux – Blanket

(mp3) Autolux – Here Comes Everybody

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2 thoughts on “Autolux – Future Perfect (2004)

  1. I saw Autolux open for QOTSA and NIN in 2005 and was absolutely blown away. Future Perfect became my favorite album that year and that show is still one of the best I have seen. Thanks for featuring a great artist! I hope that they are able to eventually get a good push behind the new album and it gets properly released to the audience they deserve.

  2. I know! This album blows me away and gets me excited about music every single time I listen to it. I’m pretty jealous you got to see them live. Looking forward to the next album. It’s definitely due.

    Thanks for the comment!

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