Little Joy – “Don’t Watch Me Dancing”

The LA band, Little Joy, has some really great songs that bring to mind one of my very favorite bands, The Velvet Underground. In particular, Binki Shapiro sings the lead vocals on the second to last track, “Don’t Watch Me Dancing,” and has a striking resemblance to Nico. It’s a beautiful song. And it only helps matters that they both have super weird names.

Rodrigo Amarante sings main vocals on most of the tracks, and reminds me quite a bit of another musician I like as well, Willy Mason.  Some songs that I enjoy in particular on the band’s 2008 self-titled debut include “Play The Part,””The Next Time Around,” and “Unattainable.”.  Seriously–I can’t get enough of Binki’s voice. Perfect for a Saturday.

S/T (2008):

(mp3) Little Joy – Don’t Watch Me Dancing

(mp3) Little Joy – The Next Time Around

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8 thoughts on “Little Joy – “Don’t Watch Me Dancing”

  1. I’ve been loving Little Joy since this album came out and I am also a long-termVU fan….bizarre then that I never made this connectino before your post. I’d pigeon holed them as a retro-lofi band invoking sunny but dark 60s R/B with a strong tinge of Kingston, totally enjoyable to me. Hope they keep going…

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