Iron & Wine @ Riviera Theatre, Chicago IL (03/04/11)

Last night Iron & Wine played to a packed crowd at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. The show ended up being quite good, despite one potentially devastating setback: lead singer Sam Beam was battling what appeared to be a mild case of laryngitis.

At first many people in the crowd were noticeably worried that this was going to compromise the show, which is so dependent on Beam’s vocals. However, after a few soundboard adjustments, and him putting in everything he had, most people quickly realized they were still in for a great show. Members from local band, Califone, backed him on stage, and all the instrumental work was fantastic, and included some fun saxophone and jazz flute.

Iron and Wine is touring on their new album, Kiss Each Other Clean, but made sure to get in a bunch of older fan favorites, as well. They also performed some cool renditions for their popular older songs, such as “Love And Some Verses,” and “Naked As We Came.” The full setlist and photos are below.

Despite Beam’s voice not being quite as present as it typically is, Chicago still witnessed a great show. Sure, it most likely won’t be a contender if they ever release a live album, but so goes life. I highly recommend trying to catch an upcoming show if you have the chance. It’s well worth it.

Kiss Each Other Clean (2011)

Iron & Wine  – Tree By The River (mp3)

Endless Numbered Days (2004)

Iron & Wine – Naked As We Came (mp3)

Setlist: Riviera Theatre, Chicago IL (03/04/11):

Boy With A Coin
Summer In Savannah
Lion’s Mane
Me And Lazarus
Cinder And Smoke
Biting Your Tail
Swans And The Swimming
Walking Far From Home
Big Burned Hand
Love And Some Verses
He Lays In Reins
Tree By The River
House By The Sea
Fever Dream
Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

Naked As We Came

Photos taken by Caleb Condit.


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