Feb 19 2008

Song of the Day – 2/18/08

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This just turned up in my library or something, but I’m truly glad I found it.

Charlemagne’s 2007 release, We Can Build An Island, is a raw, original album with a current of tradition running through. It’s a happy bit of twee rock and introspective shoegaze sharing the air with grunge and heartland rock mixed in.

Formerly located in Madison, Wisconsin, Carl Jones moved to New York and created the album, reminiscent of his previous group, NoahJohn, but with much more depth. It is an interesting creature that definitely doesn’t deserve to be sold short. The type of music they create is definitely something classic, but with a strong sense of vitality… and it makes all the difference.

MP3: Charlemagne – “First Day of Spring”

Charlemagne is not terribly complex or progressive in their songwriting. They call upon many tropes that are familiar to the listener and tease at the stylistic chord progressions of various generations. Hidden in the spaces, however, are the unidentifiable undertones that make the album feel honest, classic and truly, a pleasure.

MP3: Charlemagne – “Saturn Return”

Mp3: Charlemagne – “We’re Gonna Hate All Over This Town”


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Here’s their video for “New Train”

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