Silje Nes

Silje Nes is a Norwegian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who makes very delicate and beautiful electro-acoustic music. Her songs are simple yet intricate with soft vocals and a wide selection of instruments (all of which she plays). Sometimes experimental, sometimes poppy, Silje has a way of taking small sounds and realizing their full potential into whimsical collages of sonic art. The three tracks I’ve posted aren’t enough to represent her debut album “Ames Room”. The album is full of great music and I recommend you check out the rest of it here.

Starting out by working purely instrumentally, Silje made use of whatever equipment she could get hold of – guitars and an old synth, a cello, a drum kit, a laptop, as well as loop pedals to build layers of her own playing. Little by little she also found ways of including her own voice in the mix, both as texture and song, and her music has organically evolved from there.

– Fatcat Records

Silje Nes is for fans of múm, Amiina, and Tunng.

MP3: Silje Nes – Drown
MP3: Silje Nes – Ames Room
MP3: Silje Nes – Escape

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One thought on “Silje Nes

  1. reminds me of stina nordenstam… same subtle, fragile beauty.

    really nice though :) a good find. thanks

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