Song of the Day – 3/14/09

Hey everyone. Just wanted to quickly share some sweeeeet music with y’all.


I don’t really watch anime, but in terms of soundtracks, some of the most thoughtful arranging and composition can be heard in shows like Cowboy Bebop, for example. A friend of mine recently gave me the soundtrack to Samurai Champloo, a Shinichirō Watanabe creation. It features work by producers, musicians and artists: Nujabes, Fat Jon, MINMI, Force Of Nature, Tsutchie. It’s amazing. Once again, I don’t know much about the show, but the use of sampling, sequencing and fusion makes for an unbelievably smooth, Eastern-influenced compilation spanning four discs and 79 tracks–if you like what you hear, you will not be disappointed. It is a tasteful balance of trip-hop beats, jazz and the underground Japanese hip-hop movement that feels new and comfortable all at once. For your weekend chillout:

MP3: Samurai Champloo OST – “Aurarian Dance”

MP3: Samurai Champloo OST – “Dead Session”

MP3: Samurai Champloo OST – “Sanctuary Ship”

MP3: Samurai Champloo OST – “Sneak Chamber”


MP3: Nujabes – “Aurarian Dance!” (Tae K Remix)

And just because it’s only appropriate to mashup a perfectly beautiful beat with Jay-Z:

MP3: Nujabes & Jay-Z – “Aurarian Encore” (Tae K Mashup)

Samurai Champloo OST: Amazon

Opening Credits: I need to watch this show, don’t I.


3 thoughts on “Song of the Day – 3/14/09

  1. the is amazing, and i’m not a big anime fan but the series is very good, and you should cheack out the soundtracks to Cowboy Bebop (which alot of great jazz stuff) and Fooly Cooly (which is rock by a band called “The Pillows”) as well. plus the series are as great as the music.

  2. The series is, in my opinion, pretty mediocre, but the soundtrack is definitely unique and worth checking out. I especially like the track by Force Of Nature, and I’m curious as to where I could find more of their music.

  3. The story isn’t very deep but the tie ins to hip hop and Japanese feudal history are kind of what make the series, along with the action of course. It’s a perfect start for a hip hop fan who wants to get into anime.

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