Song of the Day – 3/14/09

Hey everyone. Just wanted to quickly share some sweeeeet music with y’all.


I don’t really watch anime, but in terms of soundtracks, some of the most thoughtful arranging and composition can be heard in shows like Cowboy Bebop, for example. A friend of mine recently gave me the soundtrack to Samurai Champloo, a Shinichirō Watanabe creation. It features work by producers, musicians and artists: Nujabes, Fat Jon, MINMI, Force Of Nature, Tsutchie. It’s amazing. Once again, I don’t know much about the show, but the use of sampling, sequencing and fusion makes for an unbelievably smooth, Eastern-influenced compilation spanning four discs and 79 tracks–if you like what you hear, you will not be disappointed. It is a tasteful balance of trip-hop beats, jazz and the underground Japanese hip-hop movement that feels new and comfortable all at once. For your weekend chillout:

MP3: Samurai Champloo OST – “Aurarian Dance”

MP3: Samurai Champloo OST – “Dead Session”

MP3: Samurai Champloo OST – “Sanctuary Ship”

MP3: Samurai Champloo OST – “Sneak Chamber”


MP3: Nujabes – “Aurarian Dance!” (Tae K Remix)

And just because it’s only appropriate to mashup a perfectly beautiful beat with Jay-Z:

MP3: Nujabes & Jay-Z – “Aurarian Encore” (Tae K Mashup)

Samurai Champloo OST: Amazon

Opening Credits: I need to watch this show, don’t I.