Jun 24 2010

Blaudzun – Seadrift Soundmachine

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So I was thinking… one great thing about folk music is that it can be applied to virtually any season, and serve its intended purpose quite well.

For example, right now I can listen to music outside on a nice summer day and think “man, this is so relaxing.” And I can also listen to that same music in fall, making colorful leaf gazing way less boring. Then, of course, comes Chicago’s shitty winter weather, at which point I’m all like “I am so ***** cold right now, I’m just going to cuddle up near the fireplace, and listen to some Bon Iver-like folk music all day. Harumph.” The only season that is questionable when it comes to folk music is spring because it’s when us mid-westerners start coming out of our hibernation and just want to dance to some Passion Pit (and tend to the farm).


One artist that I’ve been listening to a lot is named Blaudzun. His recent release, Seadrift Soundmachine is gorgeous, and is perfect for summer. I would describe Blaudzun’s sound along the lines of Bowerbirds, Beirut and Devotchka. This is definitely one of the best releases of 2010.

Several of my favorite tracks on Seadrift Soundmachine are “Sunshine Parade,” “Wolf’s behind The Glass,” “Jezebelle,” “February Flare” and “Manhatten Grey/Post No Bill.”

Blaudzun hails from Utercht (Netherlands), and is the brainchild of Johannes Sigmond. The somewhat hard to pronounce name, Bluadzun, comes from a Danish cyclist, so if that’s ever a question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, you’re set. When you have your Slumdog-esque reflection that leads you to the correct answer (D), you can thank IndieMuse :)

Seadrift Soundmachine (2010)

(mp3) Blaudzun – Sunshine Parade

(mp3) Blaudzun – Wolf’s Behind The Glass

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